Govt. Employees (Urban)
Co-op.Thrift & Credit Society Ltd.

How to Join

1. No person shall be a member unless:

  • He is ordinarily a resident or has his place of duty in the area of operation of the Society.
  • His written application of membership has been approved by the Management Committee.
  • He is substantively employed or has put in at least three years of regular service in the Government of India Sectt. or its attached or subordinate offices located in Delhi and New Delhi or is so employed in offices under the Delhi Administration, the Delhi Municipal Corporation or the New Delhi Municipal Committee, provided that in the case of transfer of shares to the successor or nominee of a deceased member, the minimum condition of three years service shall not apply.
  • He is not a member of any other Hire-Purchase Co-operative Society with Limited or unlimited liabilities.

2. Every member on admission shall pay Rs. 5/- as admission fee which shall not be refunded in any case.

3. No person shall be admitted as member:

  • If he is dealing in the sale and purchase of goods being dealt in by the Society.
  • If he has been convicted of an offence involving adultration, hoarding, profiteering, black marketing or moral turpitude or dishonesty.

4. The Society shall not admit members prior to one month from the date of the meeting of the General Body.